Mamtaa Joshi : CEO -The Orange Tree®

The Orange Tree® –


“A Transformation That You Dreamt”

The Orange Tree is an executive style consultancy company founded by Mamtaa Joshi, who is an experienced and renowned Image Style Consultant. She has attended a certificate program in Styling and Personal Shopper service. With over decade of experience in the service industry, Mamtaa, has always had a passion for clothes & grooming and has been fascinated by the way people dress and behave at various places. Her goal as a style consultant is to empower women and men to look and feel their best. Because feeling amazing is a new alluring feeling to wallop for success.

Mamtaa Joshi initially served as Medical Professional after her Major in Microbiology. Always packed with Confidence, she excelled and understood the need for a good style consultancy company. A company that can help everyone to boost their confidence, like she has; she heard intuitive calling and discontinued her job to help other people to gain confidence and achieve success in their career.

Since the foundation day, The Orange Tree has catered many corporates and C-suits professionals (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, MDs, VPs, Senior VPs, GMs, and other department heads). We also groom individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen many more.

We believe in the enlightenment of inner motivation is the real path to confidence and success. You can dress well but still be unconfident about yourself and your decisions. In our opinion and years of experience, Styling without Confidence is meaningless which people usually overlook. You can’t buy confidence; you have to build it, step by step!!!


To make Orange Tree vibrant, committed, dynamic & value based organization. We empower people to make a mark & perceived positively to achieve their goals.


We aim to create a wonderful style consultancy company that will be known for grooming confidence in people. We intend to help individuals and teams with positive mind set and confidence in their careers. provide easy understandable methods to transform each segment of personality.

Core Values

We strongly believe that every individual carries a unique personality, some are inferior and some are bold. Some feel confident in public speaking and some can’t even stand in front of the crowd without a tremble. Hence, we believe that with our skills we can help everyone to build self-confidence which will last forever.
While doing our work we always adhere to

  • Honesty
    We always work and support your desired goal with honesty as we believe every individual can become the person of his dream.
  • Permanent
    We work to transform you permanently as we believe personality is what defines you and it should never fade away with time.
  • Integrity
    We work with integrity to understand you completely before planning your schedule with proper tasks to enhance your personality.
  • Professionalism
    Interacting with people requires a great degree of professionalism and conduct as every individual responds distinctly. We follow the proper set of rules to deal with our clients every time.