Individual Services –

  • Image consultant –
  • An Image & Style Makeover is an excellent place to start your image refinement journey, as it is the foundation for all subsequent consultation services. Working as your personal image consultant, this interactive session incorporates all aspects of your image and appearance and is customized to your needs and priorities.
  • If you are looking for a true transformation and education on your body and how to best dress it, this package is for you. While the session can be customized for each client, it typically includes a color consultation, personal style assessment and figure and fit analysis as the core modules. If needed we can also provide advice on hair, accessories, makeup and shape wear or refer you to one of our partners (hair stylist/makeup artist) who specialize in these areas.
  • A typical consultation includes :
    • Image needs assessment
    • Personal style examination
    • Figure and proportion analysis
    • Color analysis: Leave with color swatches of your best colors
  • Many of our clients start with this service as a foundation so they understand their unique style sensibilities, have the knowledge of their body’s unique shape and proportions and how best to flatter it, and gain a keen awareness of their “wow” colors so they look fabulous in their clothing. Regardless of where you may lie on the spectrum of wardrobe -challenged, a style and image consultation is the perfect solution to revamp, refine, tweak, or refresh your look so that you present your best possible version of “you”. You deserve it!
  • Personal shopper
  • Wardrobe coach
  • Style coach
  • Color analysis consultant
  • Personal brand strategist
  • Virtual makeover
  • Personal style gift certificates

Groups and Workshops –

  • Style & wardrobe workshops
  • Teen image workshops

Corporate Services –

  • Corporate Training division identifies the gap between the knowledge, skills and attributes required and those already possessed by employees. It concentrates on focusing needs against business strategy and goals. As our co-workers are walking brochures of company. This level is the most important because it starts with an assessment of the organisation’s strategic direction organisations goals and ethics so that helps us to find out distance between knowing and doing. Based on the gaps identified, the training solution is created.
  • Through multiple platforms such as online assessment, blending learning on the job training, classroom training, we help people grow with respect to attitude and profession.
  • Personal Style Evaluation
  • Impress at Interview
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Business Etiquette
  • Every Body Says Something
  • Communication Skills
  • Outbound Training
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