Image is –

Appearance –

⇒ Color Analysis, Body Analysis, Wardrobe Management, Makeup and Hair, Style and Accessories, Weight Loss & Plastic Surgery

Behavior –

⇒ Etiquette, Posture, Poise & Charm, Body Language

Communication –

⇒ Public Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Voice, Pronunciation, Enunciation and Listening Skills


“Opportunities don’t happen, You create them”

“Three words flawlessly describe the character of Ms. Joshi: ambition, desire, and the willingness to work and with confidence in her. These traits were the seed for something greater, a woman who not only rose high, but started from the ground up.

Her career path wellness fashion personality step by step her career began in the wellness industry and quickly transitioned to a firm where she worked with variety of people from five star hotels to personal coaching, professionals and businesses in the area of brand and marketing. She has even spent a tremendous amount of time working at ONE OF THE TOP FIVE STAR HOTEL OF THE INDIA, Colaba, Mumbai, she started her makeover studio for health and beauty name Orange Tree at Breach candy, Mumbai, INDIA.

Orange Tree started the journey of the young entrepreneur in the field of beauty. Located in the heart of South Mumbai, the business not only survived, but blossomed while fighting the intense rivalry of competition, does not affect her strong determination. MAMTAA JOSHI, CEO of ORANGE TREE IMAGE and Fashion Consulting is passionate about FITNESS, FASHION AND PERSONALITY Helping individuals create a Personal STYLE and visual image that speaks for them, and bringing added values to their lives. She is an expert in PERSONAL FASHION, guiding businesses, firms, organizations and schools in the development, creation, communication and distribution of their IMAGE to the world around them.

To this day, MS. JOSHI Continues to pursue her dream, driven by her admirable moral codes, moving from destination to destination, not did know when she shall reach her final destination. If you want to discover a new you, reignite an old you, or improve the direction of your company, your employees or your own career, Orange Tree Image & Fashion Consulting and MAMTAA JOSHI can help you reach all of your goals and bring added value to your life and your company’s bottom line. As a business owner and someone who has worked in and up the image and brand business,

Mamtaa brings something of added value to every client she has, sharing her strong faith, hard work ethic, extensive relationships and image savvy with everyone she serves. It does not matter what we wear or the image we portray if our soul is separated from the eternal God who created us. If you do not love yourself, all great personal imaging truly begins on the inside and it is that inner strength and magnificence that is reflected in the UNIQUE style we choose and the image we construct…

This is what makes Orange Tree different –

we care more about ‘you,’ and how we can enhance your life!”

Success isn’t instant; it is a journey through multiple destinations.

Where you stop, however, is up to you.


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